Roman Schmid

Online coaching

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Online Coaching

All that you need in one app

Nutrition Plan

Delicious, simple and above all personalized recipes are waiting for you to bring us much closer to your goals.

Workout Plan

Training plans that are tailored exactly to your needs. I don't want to give you boring plans, but workout plans that bring you further and above all are fun!


Through the connection in our app, you can see your progress immediately. In addition, you are never alone, but I go every step together with you.


The exchange with you is very important to me, the more I know, the better it is also for our common goals. There are certainly no stupid questions here. Make yourself at home.

Coach Roman Schmid is training in the gym.

About me

Roman Schmid Coaching

I started online coaching because I want to motivate other people and I want to share with them my good and bad experiences. I want to help people achieve their goals and to overcome one’s weaker self.

I’m targeting everyone who wants to change something in their life. No matter if it’s losing weight, to build up muscle or nutrition or if they just need support for their training.

Roman Schmid is smiling.

Client Transformations

Female client transformation and results.

There is always a way

It motivates me to grow together with my client, and my experience and knowledge. The goal is in the end to have a result that the client and I can be proud of.

I am very good at empathizing with people. I am open minded, authentic and funny and I have a positive appearance.

I want to share my knowledge and experience with people and eventually start my own business doing what I love.

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